About Friends & Family

Friends & Family is a digital marketplace and online community. Buy & Sell your goods.

There’s not an overly complicated pitch we’re trying to sell. We wanted to build a simple and affordable marketplace where streetwear enthusiasts can sell their goods. Much like a typical marketplace, we provide a platform where users can sign up for an account, free of charge, and start buying and selling things. The main difference between, say us and Grailed, is they charge 9% commission fee on every purchase. We’re offering a 3% commission fee on each sale you make, and that’s essentially to cover our basic operational costs.

This website is open for registration - anyone can sign up for an account for free and start selling. You don’t need an account to purchase products, though. We’re treating this initial run as an open beta. As an authenticated user, you'll have the ability to message each seller for questions regarding their product. For more information on what you need to sell, click the link below to learn more.

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