How it Works

Step 1. Sign up for an account

Before you can start selling, you need to sign up for an account:

Sign Up Here

Once you have an account set up, you should receive an email welcoming you to the platform. You're almost there.

Step 2. Connect with Stripe to direct payouts to your Bank

If you try clicking the Sell Item button on the homepage or in the header, you'll be redirected to your settings page if you haven't connected your Stripe account yet. Click the 'Connect with Stripe' button on your settings page, where you will be redirected to a payments portal powered by Stripe. It will ask you for a few inital details, such as name and email, and then it will ask for proof of identification.

Stripe uses AR to scan your identification documentation to determine your true identity. Your ID, be it Drivers License, Passport, needs to be valid up to date. If your ID is expired, it won't work. We lean heavily on Stripe to manage all aspects of our payment infrastructure, so be rest assured your money will be safely deposited to your bank account via Stripe's payment processor.

Once your identification has been accepted, you should be asked to connect either your Bank or Debit Card you'd like the money deposited to. And once that's been entered you'll be redirected to our web app. Congrats, you're ready to sell!

Step 3. Listing an item

This process should be relatively intuitive, especially if you have prior experience on Grailed or another Marketplace. Provide the title of the product you're selling ex. 'Nike AM 90 sz 11'. Make sure people can search the product. Provide a description of the condition it's currently in: New, Gently Used,or Used.

You can upload multiple photos of your product. For now, please limit your image uploads to 6 per listing. The photos should illustrate the current condition of the product you're selling. Multiple angles should be captured - full product shot, macro, and photo of tag for sizing (if applicable) are a good starting point. In cases of sneakers - please also provide the barcode inside the sneaker. Our team of online moderators will also provide additional authentication support to ensure all products are 100% authentic.

For now, our pricing is fixed, meaning the seller sets the final price. If you wish to negotiate with the seller, you can message them and see if they are willing to edit the final price.

Step 4. Your item has sold

Congrats, you've made a sale! Once the buyer enters their payment info, they'll be redirected from Stripe back to our website, at which point funds will be distributed to your bank or debit card. Once you're provided the address where you need to ship your product, you have two days to ship. If you failed to ship the product within that two day window, our administrator will reach out for inquiry of when you'll be able to ship.

If for whatever reason you're unable to ship in a reasonable time, you are responsible for refunding the buyer.


In the event there is a dispute of a purchase on our site, we provide a 30 day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is entirely predicated on the condition of the product. If, for whatever reason the item is not in the same condition that it was listed in, we will issue a full refund.